Calling local talent, show us what you’ve got!

Join us on Saturday, February 23, for the Second Annual Melissa’s Got Talent competition. The competition is open to all ages and talents and to solo or group acts. If you’re a juggler, dancer, comedian, garage band, or anything in between, submit your application and audition video to participate. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three acts!

All proceeds from the competition will go toward funding Melissa Education Foundation scholarships. Participation in the competition is a great resume-builder for all aspiring artists and for future college or scholarship applicants.

Not interested in participating? No problem. Join us as a viewer to support your community artists and enjoy the professional magician who’s opening the show!

Dates &

  • January 31: Deadline to submit your application, audition video, and $25 entry fee to ‘Melissa Education Foundation’ at P.O. Box 185, Melissa, TX 75454.
  • Tickets go on sale at all Melissa school campuses or by contacting Kellie Maynard. Buy your tickets early to ensure you have a seat! Cost is $10 per person.
  • February 23: The big day! Doors open at Melissa Middle School Competition Gym at 6 pm. We plan to announce winners and finish by 9 pm.

Competition Details

  • Application Requirements (Due January 31st)

  • To enter the competition, each act (whether solo or group) must submit an application, parental permission slip (if applicable), and $25 check for the application fee postmarked by January 31 to:

    Melissa Education Foundation
    PO Box 185
    Melissa, TX 75454

    Notice: You must be a resident of Melissa in order to be eligible to compete.

  • Audition Requirements (Due January 31st)

  • To enter the competition, each act must submit an audition video according to these guidelines no later than January 31:

    • Plan your act and ensure it complies with the Melissa Education Foundation standards.
    • Record your video on any device you choose, including a phone. The video need not be high-quality. It should be of enough quality that the judges can see and hear the performance. The audition should fairly represent the performance you will present in the competition.
    • Upload your video to either Google Drive or YouTube and share it with Kellie Maynard. If you don’t know how to upload your video, click here for instructions: Google Drive or Youtube. (Remember, on YouTube you can mark the video as Private and share it only with Kellie.)
    • Note: Your audition tape should reflect the performance you’ll give at the live event. While slight performance modifications and improvements are expected between the audition tape and live performance, the performance type and key content should remain the same.
  • Final Selection and Notification (Due February 10th)

    • The first 30 entrants (acts who submit application, payment, permission form if applicable, and audition video) will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The 15 finalists will be selected and notified to perform at the live event on February 23 and be eligible for cash prizes.

    If you have any questions, please review the frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you don’t see the answer there, please contact Kellie Maynard.

Melissa Education Foundation Performance Standards

  • The Melissa Education Foundation is a student and education-focused organization, and this event is open to community members of all ages; therefore, all acts must be school-appropriate and family-appropriate regarding costumes, props, language, dance moves, etc. Any act that violates this requirement will be disqualified.
  • Your performance should be approximately 3 minutes long. A bit shorter or longer is fine.
  • Your performance must be appropriate for an indoor venue with one stage. You will provide your own outfits, equipment, and props, and you will move them on and off the stage yourself between acts. Your stage set-up and break-down should take no longer than 5 minutes before and after your act. And as you likely guessed, no fire, pyrotechnics, etc. are allowed.
  • Any changes that violate the MEF Performance Standards during the live event will result in immediate removal of the act from the stage and the venue, and the participants in that act will be disqualified from any future MEF-sponsored activities.
  • If you have recorded music to accompany your act, please submit a copy of it in advance to Kellie Maynard. You should also have a copy of it available on a flash drive, CD, or other digital media to provide to us on the night of the competition.
  • Most importantly, your performance should be original and represent you. Dress the part and have fun!

FAQ – Applicants & Participants

  • If I’m competing, do I need a ticket? No, performers will not need to purchase a ticket to attend
  • Where will I sit when other acts are on stage? There will be a designated area for all performers to sit before and after their act.
  • If I apply but am not selected to perform, do I get my $25 application fee back? No, all fees will go towards the Melissa Education Foundation Scholarship and Grant fund.
  • How much can my final act vary from my audition video? Your act must be as close to the original audition as possible.
  • Who are the judges that select the 15 finalists for the live performance? The judges will be members of the community with a background in Fine Arts.
  • My act has multiple people in it. Do we each need to pay the $25 fee? No, the fee is per act not per participant.
  • FAQ – Event Attendees

  • Will food or drink be available in the venue? Yes, food, drinks, and snacks will be offered at the concession stand.
  • Do I need a ticket for my baby/toddler? Children 3 and under are free.
  • Is there a family discount? No, there is no family discount.
  • Where/how can I buy tickets besides going to a school campus? Contact the MEF Director, Kellie Maynard